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Non-Toxic Eco Vacation


We absolutely LOVED it!!! We will be back for sure!" --Wanda
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Welcome to Clean Stay Non-Toxic Eco Vacation Rental! Clean Stay is a non-toxic, eco vacation, beach rental alternative to traditional beach rental accommodations. We create healthy non-toxic environments to promote healing and a state of well being for everyone to enjoy. Many of our guests come just to enjoy the simplicity and basics of a non-toxic eco vacation and chemical hypersensitivity awareness.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention, and Clean Stay is no exception. Clean Stay Non-Toxic Eco Vacation Rental Accommodations was developed with a strong desire to help our daughter overcome severe chemical hypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivities, ultimately creating non-toxic environment in our home.

After giving our personal residence an “ECOver” we gained an in depth insight into chemical hypersensitivity awareness and creating non-toxic living environments developing a model for what would become Clean Stay Non-Toxic Eco Vacation Rental.


Experience the one-of-a-kind Clean Stay lifestyle: take a virtual tour of the non-toxic eco vacation villa.

CleanStay NonToxic Eco Vacation

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Disclaimer: Clean Stay non-toxic eco vacation villa would like everyone to uphold our request to keep this pure and pristine non-toxic eco vacation villa enjoyable and safe for all of our guests. Please refrain from the use of tobacco, toxic fragrances, chemicals or harmful cleaning products while at CleanStay as many of our guests are affected by chemical hypersensitivity. To guarantee that every guest at our non-toxic eco vacation will always uphold our request would be very difficult. Please take this into account if you are extremely vulnerable, have multiple checmical sensitivity, or are chemically hypersensitive. Please e-mail us at for some simple Healthy Home suggestions and consultation.